Demons Edit

Demons are the main antagonists of the Underworld. They are usually more powerful than Warlocks 2/3 of the time, and come in three ranks. Each and every Demon has the power to Shimmer, an form of Teleportation exclusive to Demons, Pheonix Witches, and Hell-Casters.

Low-Level Demons Edit

Low-Level Demons are always the minions of higher power in the Underworld, even Warlocks command them. They can act as mercenaries for hire, but some act out a specific purpose, if not most. All Low-Levels can Shimmer.

Examples(Mercenaries for Hire) Edit


Bounty Hunter

Harpie Demon

Tracer Demon

Mid-Level Demons Edit

These Demons take a more humanoid appearence and possess the powers of Energyballs and Shimmering by default, and usuall gain powers such as Conjuration.

Upper-Level Demons Edit

Demons who are very powerful. They usually only possess approx. 4 powers, but those powers are usually exceptional.

Upper-Level EX Edit


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