"Do you want to be what no one thought you could be?" = The Heart of the Void

Everyone Gets a Miracle is a story that fills the gap between Cole's banishment and when he reapeares in the Seven Year Witch. It tries to establish what kind of being Cole became and a new life he is given.


Part 1Edit

The story begins after Cole's vanquish in Centimently Charmed. Instead of being banished to the wasteland he is in limbo in a desert like wasteland. Before he can comprehend whats going on he doubles over in pain and vomits up a black mass that tuns into a demonic doppleganger of himself. The evil Cole tries to strike his "weaker half" only to be blasted back by a grey orb energy force that gets between the two. A voice tells the dark Cole he no longer belongs with Cole and the demonic manifestation is banished to the demonic wasteland. The energy force moves to Cole who is loseing consious and thinks he see's Pheobe before he passes out. The grey energy then enters Cole while the voice muses that its waited a long time for Cole to come here.

In the upper planes the elders are worried because something has blocked Cole from their senses. They want to warn the Charmed ones of possible danger only for the voice to appear in the form of a large Grey eyed Owl. The creature says that Cole is in its custody and the Charmed ones will here nothing of it. One of the Elders recognises the being and asks why in the world would it chose someone like Cole has the "Chosen" "Because he is what he is" is all the creature says before vanishing. One of the younger Elders asks what the creature was and the older Elder says "Something you dont want to cross"

Part 2Edit

Elsewhere Cole is having a fever dream about his past that ends at the point where Pheobe killed him. He awaken in the hallway of an empty office block.