Spell to summon The Source of all good magicEdit

The Source of all good magic, believed to be the father and creator of all things magical; including the source of, or the originator for, all magic—the All—was believed and said to have been and remains today even, the greatest force of power on the side of good fighting against evil.

This being has never been seen by anyone; in fact, not even the Elders nor the Whitelighters, have ever seen him. It is presumed that among the Magical Community, this supreme ruler/source to all things magic—is believed to have an unlimited amount of power. It is furthermore believed, in addition to nigh omnipotence; this source to all things magical does not have a limit to what he can or cannot do. His presence and ever watchful eye remains trained on the world as a whole. This encompasses both the magical realms and the mortal one as well.

(The spell to summon this powerful being requires the power of three.)

The spell to summon the Source of all magic:

"We call upon the ancient power, to help us in this darkest hour. He that came before the All, source of all magic, now heed our call."