Telekinesis Edit

The power to move objects with ones mind, via hands and/or eyes. A surprisingly common power, it is been seen developed in almost every main type of creature in the world. Prudence Halliwell had this as her Primary Power, as well as Billy Jenkins. The Demon Belthazar also displayed this ability, and it is assumed that all Dark Priests do as well. The Source also has it.

Who has this Power? Edit

Prudence Halliwell

Belthazar(Cole Turner)

The Source

Billy Jenkins

Chris Halliwell

Wyatt Halliwell



Advancements Edit

Telekinesis can advance into:

Advanced Telekinesis Edit

Advanced Telekinesis is the power of Telekinesis only multiplied by a thousand times. The ability is a very rare evolution of ones Telekinetic powers and is thus very hard to control if ever developed. The power is so advanced that it can allow one with mastery of the ability—to literally move things that normal magical beings good or evil couldn't do with the basic or more less developed version of the power.

Telekinetic Blasting Edit

Telematerialization Edit

Psychokinesis Edit

Similar Powers Edit

Telekinetic Orbing

Remote Teleportation