The Charmed Ones Edit

The original three Charmed Ones, were sisters of the Halliwell Family, the eldest, Prudence(Prue), the middle, Piper, and the youngest, Pheobe. They attained there powers at age twelve, but there grandmother bound there powers, to protect them from evil.

One night, Pheobe got a spiritual message through a Spirit Board, telling her to go to the attic, where she found the ancient

Book of Shadows. On the front cover, was a spell that released the bind on the sisters powers, giving them not only the basic Witch abilities, but gave them each there own individual power, as well as the great Power of Three.

Prue got the power of Telekinesis, Piper recieved the power of Molecular Stasis, and Pheobe, the power of Premonition.

The Power of Three and the Charmed Ones was broken however, when the Source of All Evil sent his top assassin, Shax, to kill them. Shax only managed to kill off Prue however, before he himself was killed by the archangel Gabriel.

The Fourth Sister Edit

Paige Matthews was a Witch/Whitelighter hybrid, born from when the Charmed Ones mother had an affair with her Whitelighter, Sam. Paige has the ability to move objects with her mind, but by orbing it to her, with the power of Telekinetic Orbing as her primary power. She, under roof of the manor, reconstituted the Power of Three, giving the power to defeat Shax.