History Edit

Creation and Discovery Edit

An ancient emerald which was created by Anubis, the God of Death and Rebirth, after the retreat of the Avatars. It was blessed with the power to bring peace and prosperity, and was hidden inside the Temple of Tikal. Hundreds of years later, a Wiccan practitioner came across the Emerald and stole it, planning to investigate it's powers. However, he had stolen it nonetheless and was thereby cursed with immortality, and could only watch as those around him aged and died, including his beloved wife. Devestated, he threw the Emerald far into the jungle, where it lay for thousands of years.

Re-Discovery Edit

Sometime in the sixties, the Emerald was discovered by a group of explorers who sold it to a museum for thousands of dollars. The Emerald was named the Gala Emerald and was kept in the museum until the year 2001.

2001 Edit

After the man who stole the Emerald of Anubis in the first place tried to kill Piper Halliwell, the Charmed Ones learnt of the Emerald and it's legend and set out to find it. Eventually, Prue, Phoebe and Cole found it in a museum and stole it in the dead of night, planning to destroy it in order to remove Zeon's powers and immortality. Once Cole's energy balls had finally destroyed it, they managed to vanquish Zeon and save Piper.

Powers Edit

Being created by the Egyptian God of Death, the Emerald possessed the ability to prevent death and the erosion of time, but if it was stolen from it's sacred temple, the thief's life would be cursed and they would never be able to die. Before it's destruction, the Emerald also used it's powers to revive Piper Halliwell after her death at the hand's of Zeon.