"Keepers of the inbetween and Guardians of the Lost" an entry on the Voidlings.

Voidlings are a near extinct magical race that was decimated by the Souce 100s of years before the Charmed series began.


  • Sparkling: A neutral form of magical transpotation similar to orbing.
  • Empathy: The abbility to feel the emotions of other beings.
  • Sensing: The abbility to lacate a soul in any world.
  • Telepathy: The abbility to read minds.
  • Lightning manipulation: The power to cast streams of lightning at opponents. Primarily used against demons.
  • Flight: Voidlings posess the abbility to fly through the use of large eagle wings that grow out of their backs. These wings can be magicaly hidden when not in use or when they are in the human world.


The Voidlings primarily inhabitted the inbetween realms and acted as Spirit guides; aiding lost souls over to the other side or back to their bodies if their time was not up. While a neutral race they regulargy combated demons who either preyed on the souls of the void or were trying to claw there way back into the living world after defeat. These victories by the voidlings proved to set the scale in good's favour for a time. This did not last.

The Source of all Evil soon ordered a mass extermination of the Voidlings by useing an incredibly poweful dark spell to anihalate the voidlings from existance. While this spell was initially sucsesful it did not erase the Keeper; the first Voidling who by this point had evolved into a state of pure energy becoming one with the Void itself.

The Keeper was able to gather enough residual energy from its fallen brethen to create one new voidling. Unfortunatly by this time there was no being in existance that was comapatible or suitible to become a Voidling and the Keeper hid the power away waiting for the time when a suitible entity would come into the world.

To protect the gestating power futhur the Keeper severed all ties with the higher realm; allowing the existance of the Voidlings to slip into the realm of myth and fable.

A suitible candidate did eventualy appear in the form of Cole Turner but due to the Keeper having no power on Earth and the fact it had cut ties with the higher realm it was forced to watch has its canditate was swayed to the darkness.

After dieing a second time by Pheobe's hand in the other dimension the Keeper made its move and claimed custody of Cole to the suprise of the Elders. Taking Cole's spirit into the Void the Kepper spent a better part of a year purging him of the madness and demonic energy that had taken over him.

Notible IndavidualsEdit

  • The Keeper
  • Cole Turner