Good Witches Edit

Good Witches follow the most basic code of the Wicca: Harm it not, and do what ye will.

This simply means that as long as innocents are not harmed, they can use magic for whatever they pleases. However, magic has a sense of humor, and any spells or power used for personal gain, will return to you three fold. Good Witches battle Warlocks and Demons to keep the balance of Destiny in the hands of good. Each one has a Familiar, a sort of animal guardian to keep an eye on them in there early life as Witches, as well as a Whitelighter, a sort of guardian angel, to protect them.

The Charmed Ones Edit

The Charmed Ones are three sisters of the Halliwell, who display three powers between them,(Eldest-Middle-Youngest), passed down to them from the Warren Family.

Middle- Molecular Stasis

Common Good Witch Powers Edit

  1. Telekinesis
  2. Premonitions
  3. Telepathy
  4. Thought Projection
  5. Teleportation
  6. Conjuring
  7. Pyrokinesis
  8. Deflection
  9. Energyballs
  10. Scrying
  11. Spellcasting
  12. Potionmaking

Evil Witches Edit

Not to be confused with Warlocks, Evil Witches are Witches that harm the innocent, giving way to Darkness. They have the same ability as all Witches due, with the Scrying, Spellcasting, and Potionmaking, as well as sharing the common powers of Good Witches.